5 Tips for Beauty Care and Glowing Skin that don’t cost a Fortune

Do you usually spend a fortune trying to look beautiful? Do all your cosmetic efforts wear off faster than you would like? Does your shopping list include fancy products that promise miracles you rarely see?

If you have ticked one or more boxes it’s time to take a hard look at your beauty regimen and make course corrections immediately. Shun those conditioners that leave your hair spiky and dry in hours or the foundation that surface by the time you reach office.

Go for a few homemade remedies that have an assured beneficial benefit on the skin while saving you tons of money from your yearly beauty budget.

Here are a few awesome tips that you will do well to follow

​Skin rejuvenation and acne removal

​This is an alternative to skin correcting serums that you can pick off supermarket shelves. Mix a quarter cup of hot white tea with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar.

 Let the concoction cool a bit. Take a cotton ball, dip it into the mixture and apply it on the face, especially those areas that are bothering you with acne and pigmented lesions. It will help clean the pores and restore the PH balance.

Another option before you is that is also a very effective line of treatment but definitely more expensive is skin rejuvenation on an IPL laser hair removal machine from Universal Medical Aesthetics.

There are multiple issues that this machine can handle including elimination of fine lines and wrinkles and reduction of pigmented lesions. Once in a while you can opt for such a professional session at a well known beauty salon or spa in your locality.

Shiny hair without conditioners

​Most conditioners promise shiny tresses of beautiful hair but they can actually be harmful in the long run. Most of them contain sulphates and that is definitely not good for the hair.

You can buy natural conditioners that do not contain damaging and abrasive chemicals but they can be very pricey too.

Check the ingredients on the label. Here again a cup of apple cider vinegar can do wonders for your hair. After you are done with shampooing, take a cup of apple cider vinegar apply well on hair and rinse out in cold water.

It has long term benefits on the hair too and prevents dandruff formation.

Eliminate dark circles under eyes

Overworked and stressed out? Lack of sleep? All that is instantly visible when dark circles start forming under the eyes.

​One of the older techniques is to place cucumber rings over the eyes, a process that is also carried out in beauty salons and spas.

However dark circles under the eyes is a perennial problem and keeps popping back, regardless of how hard you try to stop it. It is after all a lifestyle disease.

Try this solution that will make you feel fresh and reduce the problem considerably. Take a sprig of mint leaves, mash or blend it and apply this mask under the eyes.

Leave this “mask” for half an hour. Get amazing results after a few applications only.

Shrink large pores

​One of the most visible features that reduce facial beauty and texture is large pores. Repeated facials at a beauty salon are an option to shrink the pores but that is definitely a costly proposition.

Try out this cheap yet effective remedy to shrink large pores and give your face a fresh rejuvenated look.

Mix one egg white to a teaspoon of corn starch and whisk till frothy. Apply it on your face and keep for around 20 minutes until it is dry.

Rinse with warn water and see the change!

Get back rosy lips

​Sometimes you will notice a blackish layer on your lips, making them look dull and listless.

Here is a way to bring the colour back to your lips. Take a few almonds and a saffron leaf and grind well with a little water.

Apply the paste to your lips, keep it on for about 10 minutes and rub it off with your finger. Treatment for a few days will make your lips rosy again.

These are a few methods you can try out for a glowing skin and rejuvenated look without having to break your bank in the process.