Lucy Hale : Hear It From A Celeb Who Has Fought Cystic Acne

Lucy Hale

Some film celebs have flawless skin. You cannot even imagine that they had cystic acne at any given time.

Well, they are human beings like any other and they have had a share of what it feels like to have this kind of acne.

Take Lucy Hale, for instance, the famous actress of Pretty Little Liars. She admitted to Byrdie in an interview that her struggle with cystic acne started when she was 21.

She explained that her problem was caused by hormonal fluctuations, which caused breakouts.

At 21? You are wrong if you think cystic acne only occurs during teenage years. If you never had it then hope that you do not develop it.

However, it is good to be equipped with relevant information in case you are unlucky to get cystic acne even in your mid-20s. Acne in adulthood tends to be cystic.

The bad thing about this type of acne is that it runs deep into the skin. It is not a superficial thing. Many women are suffering from it. Do not touch or pop the cystic area.

You are causing your skin more harm. Instead, visit a dermatologist and have the professional help you out.

It is unfortunate that cystic acne has no specific solution. You need to try different things to find what works.

Lucy has over the years tried out a couple of techniques for her skin. She actually arrived at a solution. You can borrow something from her.

She believes that you should use two cleansing products. When her busy day ends, she uses DHC Deep Cleansing Oil to get rid of makeup completely. Afterward, she uses Restores Reviving Cleanser.

This is a water-based solution and she uses it her cleansing brush called Clarisonic Mia 2. The brush does a better job of getting rid of all makeup, as compared to palms.

Frequent exfoliating is bad for your skin. That is why Lucy only does it twice in seven days. She utilizes Lancer the Method Polish to eliminate dead cells on her skin.

Next, she uses a serum known as iS Clinical and SkinCeuticals. It is rich in vitamins. She moisturizes with SkinCeuticals daily moisture for a hydrated, soft skin.

Lucy advises that there is a psychological aspect to acne that is not all about skin care but also stress. She acknowledges that stress is detrimental to the skin and should be as low as possible no matter what. That is why she loves SoulCycle.

Lucy’s skin care routine looks overwhelming and tiring, but it is worth it. She looks lovely in a film. It is, therefore, good that you make an effort to find a routine and products that works for you.

You do not have to use Lucy’s exact products. Remember there is no one best solution to cystic acne. You need to find products that works for you.

However, you can follow her skin care procedure step by step and see how it turns out for you. You never know, it could be an answer to your acne problems, your friend’s or child.