How Long Does It Take For Acne Scars To Fade ?

How Long Does It Take For Acne Scars To Fade

Most people are more distressed from acne scars than the acne itself. Some of these acne scars can remain visible even for years after the acne goes away.

Even though acne scars eventually fade away, they are a source of low self-confidence. However the question on how long does it take for acne scars to fade depends on some factors.

How long does it take for acne scars to fade?

Several factors influence how long it takes for acne scars to fade away and they are:

1# Types of acne

Some acne such as small pimples are mild and do not leave severe scars on your skin. This means that the scars formed by mild pimples might fade away in a matter of few days.

However, some of the scars from mere pimples can also take a longer period, months or years to fade away.

It is good to note that all skin acne do not fade away completely, they only get milder with time as an individual skin repairs system continues to eradicate the scar tissue.

2# Skin type

The answer to the question on how long does it take for acne scars to fade? It depends on the person’s skin type.

For instance, if you have a more sebaceous skin, not only does this make you more prone to developing acne but also makes you retain acne scars for a longer period compared to individuals with low sebum levels on their skin.

Ways to fade away acne

Even though acne scars fade away with time, there are some treatments that one should opt for to achieve faster results.

1# Laser treatments

Laser treatments are more effective in counteracting acne scars than creams and gels. They increase skin cell turnover at much higher rates. The best part is that the scars eventually fades away after one or two treatments.

2# Drugstore products

Over the counter creams even out the discoloration and redness on your skin. They contain arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C responsible for restoring skin tone and texture.

3# Fillers

If the skin is speckled with small scoops and dents, your dermatologist can inject fillers to restore skin texture and minimize the effects of acne scars.

4# DIY treatments

Do it yourself treatments are natural remedies that one use to counteract the effects of acne scars on the skins. The DIY treatments are common today and are effective in most cases.

For instance, lemon juice has bleaching properties, and it is an excellent remedy for acne scars.

You can also get rid of acne scabs by use of an ice cube. To achieve this, hold a piece of an ice cube to the scab for approximately 15 minutes daily.

5# Surgery

If none of the above methods works the magic, you can request for surgery options from your dermatologist. However, it is advisable to note that surgery in most cases is reserved for the deepest and most sizeable scars.


In summary, it is important to know that two factors ( type of acne &skin type) determine the length of time that acne scars will remain on your skin. However, some treatments are offered to ensure that these scars do not stay forever and for long regardless of skin type and type of acne.