Excellent Guide For Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

laser stretch mark removal is an option among other options to have these stretch marks that appeared on your skin removed. 

Those other options like lotions, creams, and doctors recommending strict diets and workouts … these methods seem to work slowly or not at all.

the laser stretch mark removal way, on the other hand, works perfectly and heal in a small amount of time which makes it the best of alternative for you dear friends.

so first we need to know why we get those stretch marks in the first place? how does the laser stretch mark removal procedure work on them? what are the benefits and risks of this method? and what are the results that you can expect?

all of those question and concerns will be completely answered in this article dear readers. let’s begin!

why stretch marks occur on our bodies?

After we got those marks on the body, the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when something occurs on their body: why me? what did I do wrong? the answer to this question is simple, whenever your skin gets stretched for too far or too fast, the chances of getting stretch marks rise, this can happen in puberty or pregnancy.

 it’s even probable to get them after a long won fight with obesity and that might ruin the happy victory of getting in your dream shape.

After knowing why the stretch marks happen, now we can go to the next important question

how does laser stretch mark removal work?

the laser stretch mark removal procedure uses a high energy ultraviolet laser light called an excimer laser (also called exciplex laser). This type of lasers handles the damaged areas in a special way.

 Unlike other lasers that burn or cut the affected areas, the excimer laser makes the damaged skin tissue disintegrate (process name: ablation) by disrupting the molecular bonds in the damaged skin tissue.

Your treated areas will recover quickly just after the laser stretch mark removal process is complete. After that, you will enjoy the joyful fact that your stretch marks are gone.

The Benefits of Laser stretch mark removal

laser stretch mark removal has a bunch of benefits but the most valuable benefit is its efficacy. the laser stretch mark removal method has a lot of satisfied patients, and you dear readers have a lot of reasons to be on the same side, such as:

  • a very little potential to cause injury
  • less recovery time
  • lower cost
  • less potential complications

These factors make the laser stretch mark removal treatment a bless comparing to other remedies! 

The result of laser stretch mark removal (the potential risks included)

look! this may seem to you as a contradictory to what I’ve just said in the last paragraph, but this is a global rule for nearly every treatment.

Laser stretch mark removal proved its effectiveness on a lot of cases and have a high chance on curing yours (this what numbers are saying), yet it has a low possibility that it will not, especially if your stretch marks have been there for a long time.

Finally, it’s time to talk about the potential risks. as we all know every pill we take and every treatment we use has a potential risk, also the laser stretch mark removal method has a small amount of the risk. 

This method can be so dangerous if you don’t choose your doctor carefully. so it’s vital to have that laser in the best hands because a mishandled laser light can cause tissue damage and you don’t want that to happen.

there is also blistering which can happen after the treatment.

That’s all for the laser stretch mark removal method, my last and most important advice to you: Choose your doctor carefully and lower the chance of any problems.