How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Naturally

Acne Scars Naturally

Acne is the scourge of our pubescent years. The unsightly blemishes on their faces are a source of deep embarrassment for many teenagers and even adults.

But sometimes, even worse than the acne itself are the scars they leave behind, which can last for days, or worse, for months! So how do we get rid of acne scarsnaturally?

Well, turns out there are many remedies that can help contain the damage:

Lemon Juice

Not just a tasty condiment, lemon juice also acts as a natural bleach. It also contains Vitamin C that removes collagen.

When you apply lime juice over the scars, the spot gets lighter and lighter with each consecutive application


Another delicious food product that can help remove blemishes. Leave the honey on your face for the night and wash it away in the morning. For added effect mix a pinch of oatmeal in the preparation

Aloe Vera

It is a species of plant whose leaves are particularly good for the skin. To use it on acne scars, take a leaf from the plant and peel out its green cover.

Take the gel-like substance out from under the cover and apply it to the scars. Leave it there for half an hour before washing it off


This might seem like a strange entry, but the humble potato has many uses other than nutrition. Simply cut the potato into slices and apply them over the scars. Rub them in gently until the slice goes dry.

Repeat the process for up to twenty minutes. Similarly, a tomato can also be used in a likewise manner to battle acnescars. The juice extract from both the food products is used for removing oil from pores

Tea Tree Oil

Derived from a plant indigenous to Australia, it is a marvelous antiseptic essential oil. It is of particular use when applied to reddened and irritated scars. Also, it’s great for the skin!

Vitamin E

An extremely beneficial vitamin for the skin, it acts as a moisturizer and makes the scars less inflamed and noticeable.

Deficiency of Vitamin E can lead to dry skin, so try to keep the supply of Vitamin E in your body up to the required level.

You can buy the vitamin in a bottle and take a capsule daily, or get it directly from food

Sandalwood water

It acts as a cooling agent upon coming in contact with your skin and reduces inflammation of the scars

Choosing oil-free cosmetics

For girls, you can greatly reduce the chances of getting acne in the first place by choosing oil-free makeup, as acne is caused by the collection of oil in the pores of the face

Cinnamon face pack

Take a cinnamon stick and beat it into it’s powdered form. Mix a teaspoonful of honey in it and apply the mixture to your scars. Keep it on for an hour before washing your face.

All these methods can be used to get rid of acne scars naturally. If the problem persists, see a skin doctor and get a professional opinion on what you can do to remove the scars, or alleviate the condition