Five DIY Makeup Tips to Make Your Skin Glowing

I have seen people who are struggling to keep their skin glowing. Some people go to expensive spa and treatment center.

Some people for the news rely on super cheap treatments that damage their skin after. When their skin is damaged, they will have to spend more money trying to reverse the effect.

This is going to be a painful and expensive process. What will be the outcome after the reversal? Is your skin going back to normal? Good for you if it does. Some cases tell otherwise.

Is there something you can do to achieve a glowing face without spending too much? Or without damaging your skin?

People tried to use makeup to cover the flaws on their skin. They want to look like the celebrities they adore. People admire the red carpet look of the celebrities even when they are just out for a walk or just staying inside the house.

What they do is they try a very effective beauty regimen or routine. They also try some tricks with makeup to look radiant.

Some people like their makeup to look more natural. Some people does not look good with heavy makeup. Some guys are turned off with girls who wear a lot of makeup.

What are the advantages of a glowing skin? Aside from the attention you get, this will also make you feel good.

This is indeed the best asset we can possibly have. A glowing skin can create a healthy, more attractive, polished, and radiant skin.

It is really important to take care of your skin. There are plenty of techniques that you can find to take care of your skin. There are ways to conceal the blemishes. The dark circles can also be concealed using the right products or techniques. There are also some ways to highlight the features of your face.

I have gathered these Five DIY Makeup tips to glowing skin.


While preparing your skin, you need to choose a primer that is right for you. Makeup artists do this preparation too. What is a primer? This is a clear-like matte cream that is used before applying foundation or concealer. Before you apply a primer, make sure to wash your face thoroughly.

If you don’t want to apply moisturizer, choose a primer that already contains moisturizer. If you don’t use a primer, your face may look uneven. 


What is a skin illuminator? Skin illuminator is a special part in doing your makeup. This is also called a girl’s best friend. When a sun’s reflection or light hits your face, there will be a radiant effect

How do you achieve this look? You have to mix well some part of the illuminator with some part of your skin toned foundation.

You have to blend the mixture carefully. The mixture has to be even. Just apply an ample amount onto your skin.

If you want to save yourself from hassle, you can always find a ready-made bronzer that has the same effect. The only difference is that bronzers are quite expensive while the DIY illuminator is cheaper.​

When you follow this simple DIY illuminator tip, you will have a perfectly sun-kissed skin in no time.


Contouring is a mainstream thing nowadays. I have seen endless contouring tutorials over the internet. People are going crazy about which contouring is right for face. Contouring helps you highlight the features of your face

For example, your cheekbones. When you want to contour, get a foundation stick that is three times darker than your complexion.

Make slant drawing under your cheekbones. You can do the same to the other side. After that, you can blend it with a blending brush.


This is important for the contouring. This gives you and vision that you have higher cheekbones. This can also help you have a brighter eyes. This will give you an amazing glow when blended well.

You just have to be careful of the amount that you put.

Remember that wearing heavy makeup will not make your skin glow. Heavy makeup will irritate your face and you will feel uneasy.

Before you try this outside, make sure you practice highlighting your face at home first.



This is for the final touch. This is used after putting on some foundation, bronzer, and highlighter.

This is a simple step to achieve a glowing skin. How to apply this? You just have to put a necessary amount under your brows. This will emphasize the arch of your brows.

Another area to apply this is at the cupid bow of your upper and lower lip. This will emphasize the shape of your lip. This will make you lip more full and sexier.


These are just the simple steps. No need to go to a professional makeup artist when you can do these steps on your own.