5 Easy Ways to Cover up Your Scars in an Instant

A scar is an unwanted mark, a blemish one wants to remove. It’s left there reminding you of the wound and its pain.

Well, that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true! Human skin isn’t perfect although you’ve heard of “flawless skin”. The skin gets flawed; it gets wounded accidentally or not, and when that happens, eventually, it turns into a scar. No one likes scars — although at least it rescues you from the severe appearance and feel of a wound. Some scars are temporary; some are not. They don’t feel painful anymore because the skin has already recovered, however, it affects you in a deeper way. How? It lowers your self-confidence–a weapon everyone always needs. You know what happens when your self-confidence meter slowly or quickly drops. You can’t move easily, think properly, interact well and believe in yourself firmly . Those things? The scars on your skin do those to your whole being.

Instead of hiding yourself from people because of your scars, you just have to cover them up. You might think: I” have no money for clinical treatment. I don’t trust those skincare products. I have no time to fix myself.” No one can force you if you don’t want to, but if that’s the case, reading this piece would be best. Here, you will learn 6 easy ways to cover up your annoying scars in an instant. This will be very helpful especially if you’re already on the way out of the house then you notice an annoying scar on your skin. Check out these tips!

Add Some Blings

Let jewelries do a simple trick! To cover a bigger portion of the arm and wrist skin, wear a thick bracelet or use more than one. No one will notice your scars if they’re under your bracelets, watches and wristbands. It will even make you look fashionable especially if you choose the trendy styles. You may not only cover your scar but also love how your accessories add some zest in you. Consider the proper accessories for your skin; make sure your scar won’t be irritated by your accessory. When a wound has become a scar but isn’t fully healed, it may get rubbed and irked and may turn back into a wound again.

Wrap Yourself A Bit

Depending on the skin area with a scar, choose proper clothing to cover you and your scar. Wear sleeved clothing to hide scars on your arms and shoulders. Wearing tops with long sleeves always work because it isn’t unusual to see someone wearing a long-sleeved shirt. You can wear pants, long skirts and dresses too so you may hide scars on your legs. Consider bringing jackets with you or putting on a scarf. When going for a swimming, think of wearing a rashguard and shorts or any swimwear that covers your scars well.

Socks to the Rescu(t)e

Another creative and cute way to cover your scars is to wear knee-high socks or tights. If you’re wearing a skirt, and you want to cover some scars on your lower legs, wear knee-high socks. Tights are alternatives for pants. These socks and tights come in different colors and styles. You might enjoy them, and people may also find it really good on you. They’ll truly never know that you’re just hiding something under them.

Do A New Hairdo

If your scar is somewhere on your head, neck, face or back, take advantage of your hair. There are  a lot of creative and easy hairdos, and choose that which hides your scar or makes it look blending with the scar.

Uhmm… Conceal It.

A quick way to cover up your scars even when you’re already out of the house is to bring a concealing cream, a concealing makeup or a skin tone concealing tape. You can use all these to temporarily hide your scars. There also are concealing creams which actually help lighten scars little by little. You just have to properly blend and apply so that the cream won’t be too obvious on your skin. Simply, just buy any of those as long as it’s friendly to your skin, and put it on you without having to move a thing from your dearest outfit of the day.

There you have it! 5 hacks for you to cover up your scars in instant enabling you to save time and money. Scars make you feel unpleasant, but consider the things above. It may only be now that you might not like the fashion sense they offer you, but there’s no harm in trying! You’ll never know; you might love it too.

In covering scars, you don’t always have to spend tons of money to do so. You just need some strategy and perspective. Eventually, if you plan to permanently get those scars removed from your skin, then that’s the time you’d have to take further actions which will cost you more money, more time and more assistance. For the meantime, keep these tips in mind so you’ll be ready whenever you’re in a hurry to cover your scar.