What Are Acne Scars
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as a junior, dealing with skin problems like acne is one of the toughest fights, but now you you are officially an adult. Except those marks on the face from your teenage skin-enemy are still there, yeah and doctors call them “acne scars”, plus they might stick around for a long time. So in order to find a solution to your problem, the first thing we need to do is to answer this important question: what are acne scars?

acne scarring can be defined as a direct effect of deep damage to the skin interconnected to your acne, caused by exterior factors just as picking. this kind of act can traumatize even tiny lesions. acne scars usually manifest like an areas of raised skin and can arise in both face and body. You should not confuse acne scars with hyperpigmentation or post acne erythema which are low, temporary transformation linked to inflammation that is inclined to be sort out over time, Acne scars change the overall surface of the skin and time doesn’t always win the battle against them and make them disappear.

3 PICTURES ( hyperpigmentation or post acne erythema AND ACNE SCAR )

our body naturally made to heal itself, and that is the main cause behind acne scars, skin’s tiny openings that become blocked by dead skin cells slowly fill with excess oil with allows a growth of bacteria in those pores which can be engorged and results in acne lesions (blackheads or whiteheads) . when you rapture those lesions, accidentally or in purpose, the matter overflows the skin is irritating, so it causes inflammation which can be observed as tenderness, redness and occasionally as a white fluid that can be squeezed out from the acne lesion. your skin will naturally form new collagen fibers in order to repair this problem. Raised acne scar take place when your skin overproduces collagen, whereas pitted acne scars appears when not enough collagen fibers are produced.

2 PIC ( pitted acne scars / Raised acne scar )