7 Ways to Clear Deep Acne Scars

A lot of people are having a hard time getting rid of acne. It is quite a handful of work for some us. We need a lot of patience to overcome this condition.

Some people even tried different kinds of products just to eliminate those undesirable spots that just popped up all of a sudden.​

There are times that those spots appear in the most noticeable place and in the most important times. I know many of you will relate to this. But your suffering won’t just end easily when acne disappears.

 It will leave a mark that will be your next mission. You are lucky if you find a treatment that won’t just clear acne but also takes away acne scars.

Scars caused by acne are from the spots that has a deep damage. It is the mark that comes from a swollen pore that is deeply infected by bacteria.

It is spread out to the tissues that surrounded the root creating deeper damage to it. Our skin will take action and try its best to repair the damaged spot but it won’t be as smooth like the original.

Acne scar may be a minor skin problem but if this scar is too noticeable, it may affect the person who has it. It needs to be taken care of not just to improve the appearance but also to enhance the person’s self-esteem.

Let us know the different kinds of acne scar for us to know what treatment is best to perform.

Types of Scar Caused by Acne               

There are different kinds of acne scars that we have to be aware of. Why, because there are certain treatments for a specific kinds of scar. So let us proceed.

Ice-pick scar

this scar is quite hard to treat at home because it is a severe kind of it. Even products that you can in the drug store won’t work. Ice pick scar is the result of a severe damaged spot. It is the narrowest and the deepest among the other scars.

Rolling scar

this scar looks like a wave of depression in the skin. It also looks uneven to it. This is because of the tissues that develop in the middle of the skin and below. When the epidermis is getting pulled from the inside, it will create the rolling impression on the skin.

Boxcar scar

this scar is wider than the first one. It has a round or oval shape and quite bumpy enough to look like uneven in the skin. This happens when acne damaged the collagen and that leaves the area over it to get depressed because nothing will support it.

Atrophic scar

this is the result of the tissue that does not regenerate after the damage has done. It is usually caused by chickenpox and an infected spot.

Hypertrophic or keloid scar

this scar grows above the area of the skin. It is stiff and men mostly have it often times located in their torso but it can also happen anywhere.

This scar can grow bigger than the wound itself and some people are prone to it. It is the result of too much production of collagen in the skin.

Source: ​draxe.com

7 Treatments For Acne Scars

If acne itself has many treatments, acne scars also has it. It is important to do something about it for you to be able to bring back your confidence. Scars may sound like a minor problem but when it affects a person, it will cause emotional and social difficulty.

Here are the treatments that you can do to clear your skin.


it is a way of using crystals for exfoliation by spraying it to the skin. It is also use for other skin problems like age spots, and dull skin.


this is a process where a dermatologist uses a certain device that will give a new skin to replace the damaged one.

Chemical Peel 

this is a way of taking away the layer of the skin that has been damaged. A person has to use a certain chemical that will cause the peeling and to produce a new layer under.

It will lessen the scar but it will take days to weeks of peeling.

Light Therapy

this is typically use while acne is still present. It is helps prevent acne scars from appearing. The red light is use when performing it.

Laser Resurfacing 

in this method, a certain beams of light is use directly to the skin to eliminate the damaged ones.

Soft-Tissue Fillers

this treatment is good for rolling scars. It is the process of lifting up the indented area to match the level of the skin. Fillers are done through injection underneath the scar.

Excision and Punch Replacement Graft 

this method is for eliminating ice pick scars. The doctor will cut out the tissue in your scar with the use of a needle matching the size of your scar and close it by stitching.

If the scar is too severe, the doctor will fill the wound by taking a small skin for your ear.

Final Thought

Having a face or body with a lot of scar is not easy. A person will face social and emotional problem as time goes by. The person might lose his self-esteem and when it happens, he will not function well.

Socializing will be hard and worse, he might isolate himself from other people. If you have this kind of problem in your skin, make a move and do something about it before it’s too late.

There are a lot of remedies nowadays and it will give you many choices to choose from.

So good luck and hope you find the right treatment for you.