5 Tips for Reducing the Acne Scars

Acne as we all know is a condition of the skin which occurs at the time when the hair follicles plug with oil and the dead skin cells. The appearance of acne is most common in the adolescent period but it is also found in young adults as well. Actually, acne might occur at any age.

The occurrence of acne is hated by all but the worst thing about acne is the scar that it leaves behind. The acne scars create even more problems for the affected individuals. The scars are basically ugly marks which hamper the look of the individual to a great extent.

In severe cases of acne scars, the affected individuals even hesitate to go out in the public to avoid embarrassment. In this regard, the use of proper and effective skin care products would certainly be of great help.

In addition to this, following a few of the important tips would be of great help in reducing acne scars which are as enumerated below.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure where some very tiny crystals are sprayed over the skin where acne scars are present. This is done for the removal of the outer layer of the skin and therefore a very effective way for the reduction of acne scars.

This is particularly very suitable for the ones who have fair skin. The ones with darker skin need to be more careful in this regard because microdermabrasion can lead to further scaring along with discolouration of the skin.

If you are hesitating to for the procedure, you can simply try out the in-home version of the same treatment. It is known as HydraFacial which is basically a three-staged extraction facial that works fantastic for the brightening as well as cleansing the polluted skin. Doing this facial on a regular basis can help in reducing the acne scars. 

2.Use of Some Specialist Serums

There are some particular skin care products that are specially designed for the purpose of reducing acne scars. In addition to this, there are some specialist skin serums available in the market which are formulated in such a way that they play a vital role in reducing the scars as a result of acne. These serums are geared towards the repairing of the damaged skin.

Some of these serums actually claim to act as the DNA enzymes of the skin which helps in cutting out and repairing the damage so caused thereby giving you back your original skin. The skin serums also target the black spots on the skin and help in getting an even skin tone.

Apart from using the specifically designed skin serums, the following of a regular skin care routine including some of the branded skin care products would be highly beneficial in getting rid of the scars caused due to acne.

3.Treatment with Lasers

Treatment with lasers is another of the very effective way of reducing acne scars. Laser treatment is extremely efficient as well as an effective way of repairing the skin that is damaged. The laser treatment is a minimally invasive one and hence one of the most preferred choices of the users.

In this procedure, some small microscopic indentations in the skin are created which they helps in the stimulation of the production of new collagen. But it is to be always kept in mind that laser treatments should be only opted for after a consultation with an expert.

This is because of the fact that the results of the laser treatments on the skin are dependent on the condition of the skin of the affected person. Thus, an expert would be able to recommend what is best suited and hence the importance of prior consultation.

There are a number of clinics that offers laser treatments but you should be extremely careful to choose a trusted and a reputed clinic for a laser treatment that offers the service with care as well as responsibility.

4.Regular Use of Bio Oil 

Bio Oil is another of the great remedy for the elimination of acne scars. Most importantly, this particular remedy is an in-home one and hence very easy and convenient for the users. Bio Oil is actually considered to be a wonder ointment which is formulated with a perfect blend of plant extracts.

Being made up of completely natural ingredients, the effectivity of Bio Oil is high and most importantly there are no serious side effects. Hence, Bio Oil is just great for reducing acne scars. But one important thing is required to be kept in mind.

If you still happen to suffer from acne, it is recommended not to use Bio Oil. The oily consistency of Bio Oil can make the acne even worse. Thus, it would be ideal to use Bio Oil for the treatment of only the scars after acne is gone.

5.Exfoliation on a Regular Basis

Regular skin exfoliation would necessarily be of great help in improving the texture as well as the appearance of the skin. Though a regular skin exfoliation would not get rid of the acne scars completely but it will certainly improve to a great extent like making the scars lighter, improve in overall appearance etc.

In addition to the improvement of the surface of the skin, regular exfoliation leads to the promotion of growth of new skin cells. At this point in time, you need to choose the skin care products as per the type of one’s own skin.

Additionally, the use of sunscreen on a daily basis for the adequate protection of the skin from sun damage is essential to get rid of the scars effectively. Quality and branded sunscreen are recommended to get the best results.

So, when you feel like the acne scars are giving you a lot of problems, do not waste any more time and start following the tips mentioned above to get the desired results within a short period of time.