10 Effective Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Now- a -days, having a clean, glowing and attractive skin is the dream of many people but people are more dependent on cosmetics which contain hazardous chemicals. 

Many of the cosmetics contain allergic as well as carcinogenic substances.

The cause of dull skin is the rising pollution, unhealthy diet as well as hormonal imbalances.

There are safe and effective herbal complexion enhancers which are available in our kitchens.

According to Ayurveda, skin, blood and Pitta dosha are inter-related. The vitiated blood disorders are exhibited as skin disorders as well as imbalanced Pitta dosha causes the vitiation of blood tissue which leads various skin disorders.

Among the five types of Pitta dosha described in Ayurveda, Bhrajaka Pitta controls the skin quality as well as complexion. Thus, Bhrajaka Pitta is required to maintain lustrous as well as healthy skin.

In Ayurveda, complexion enhancers are directly linked with the effects of blood cleansers as well as blood purifiers. So, before proceeding to any chemical treatment, it is essential to consume blood cleansers or blood soothers.

Blood cleanser or blood soother herbs are usually astringent or bitter in taste.

So, the first step towards the glowing skin is to get rid of the skin diseases.

10 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin are:

Turmeric and Aloe vera :

1 teaspoon of fresh turmeric should be rubbed with 2 teaspoons of aloe vera pulp and mix these two ingredients thoroughly and apply on the face. Wash the face after 45-60 minutes.

Rose Petals:

Equal amounts of rose water and Neem leaves are taken to make a fine paste. Dilute this mixture with Amla juice and apply this paste over the facial skin surface to get a glowing and acne free skin.


It is necessary to scrub the face at least twice a week because of environmental pollution. For scrubbing, take a ripe banana, little honey and olive oil.

Mix these ingredients well and scrub on the face for 2 minutes. After scrubbing, wash the face with lukewarm water.

This remedy makes the skin soft, clean and healthy.


Take little amount of olive oil, coffee, sugar and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and rub on the face for 2 minutes.

Coffee helps in removing the dead cells on the skin. Doing this remedy regularly will make the skin radiant.

Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile flower is of European origin but has been cultivated India for a few centuries. Chamomile has anti-bacterial properties and it regenerates the skin cells.

Strain ½ a cup of chamomile tea and mix it with 3 teaspoons of fuller’s earth. Apply this pack twice a week to remove deep-lodged dirt and dead skin cells.

Sandalwood and Yogurt:

Lactobacillus, a bacterium present in yogurt makes the skin shiny. Take a couple of teaspoons of sandalwood powder and add 3 spoons of fresh yogurt, few drops of rose water and apply this face pack on the skin for 15 minutes before bath.


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Cucumber is high in water content. Eat cucumber to hydrate the body or extract its juice to apply on the skin to maintain the moisture level of the face. It helps in enhancing the glow as well as brightness of the skin.


Potato has amazing skin benefits. Boil, mash and mix it with lemon juice or with honey. Mix it well and apply this mixture on the face for 15-20 minutes and wash the face with warm water.

This remedy will help in reducing dryness as well as itchiness of the skin.

Amla Mask:

Amla is known for glowing skin since ages. Soak dried amla powder in water overnight.

 In morning, strain the water and keep this water for washing the face. Before washing, take soaked amla and crush it to make a paste.

 Apply this amla paste on the skin for 30 minutes and wash the face with amla water which is soaked overnight. This remedy reduces excessive oil from the skin and gives a clear and charming look.

Almond Oil:

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Almond oil is very effective in improving the skin glow as well as to get rid of dark circles and black spots on the face.

Wash the face with plain water. Apply almond oil on the face just before the bed time.

Leave it over-night and in the morning, wash the face with warm water or with natural neem soap. This remedy makes the skin glowing within a month of its application.

Diet for a Glowing Skin:

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Include high water content vegetables in the diet which are easy to digest such as lettuce, carrots, cucumber, fennel, asparagus etc.

Include nuts and seeds in the diet as they contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are considered as healthy fats and contain fiber. Take almonds, flax seeds, oatmeal in the diet.

Avoid stress as high levels of mental stress is one of the major reason for bad skin. Breathing exercise for 5-10 minutes can be done regularly.

Stay hydrated: Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Include coconut water, pomegranate juice, carrot juice in the diet.

Sleep: At least 7 hours of sleep is necessary for a good, healthy and glowing complexion as improper sleep leads to aggravated Vata dosha which can lead to insomnia which is not good for the skin.

Include Desi Ghee (clarified butter) in the diet.

Stick to bitter and pungent foods only as the light and stimulating qualities of these foods will increase the prana in the body responsible for movement and elimination in the body and naturally clears the toxins from the body and keeps the digestive fire strong.

Foods to be avoided:

  • Avoid chemically treated or GMO foods.
  • Canned, frozen or processed foods must be avoided.
  • Eat freshly prepared food only.
  • Avoid fast foods as these foods contain refined flour that will not keep the digestive fire strong, keep the body channels blocked causing vitiation of doshas.
  • Steer clear of too many sweet and salty tastes.

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